Sitting in the moment

In this journey I am on I keep trying

I keep trying to sit in the moment

Like hearing a bird that I know is beautiful

But I can never seem to see it

It’s there I hear it again and again and yet

it’s not there it flies away gone from me

The flight attendant asks if I want something

What I want is to not be on this plane this seat

Wherever I am going I don’t want to be here

A criticism dumped on like mud by a friend

It covers me from head to toe with black

Dripping with hurt and burning me inside

In Yoga class everyone is doing a headstand

I am in child’s pose breathing like a pug

Fasting for three days and thinking why am I

Yet knowing all of this will pass it will

like hot water burns the skin tingles nerves

It will pass will end and will happen again

I sit with the moment the unwanted blanket

I tell myself feel it and react in a positive way

It’s so hard to not give in to not get frustrated

Life is feeling life is uncomfortable

life is choice and I could choose to

Tell the flight attendant thank you I am good

Tell my friend that I appreciate the mud

Tell myself try the headstand again breathe

Tell myself wanting less is living more for

When it’s uncomfortable it hurts the most

I remember it means I am alive in this world

That I have a place it is right here right now

RIGHT NOW is life whether it hurts or not