Saying Sorry

I think about this word
How important and overused
It can be a flower or sword
In sound hands still abused

Nothing is ever really done
By saying to you I’m sorry
Only by a selfless action
Can I tell you a new story

We say sorry like vast clouds
With all our truth and pain
Some apologies spoken are void
And all of the uses bring rain

I think of my loving partner
The one I say sorry to most
I think not saying another
Would be better to boast

With confidence and compassion

We can guide our loving story

If hope leads our hard decisions

We can end saying we’re sorry

That time in Yelapa

The beach calls us from our left
and the sun
with all its power
pushes through our heart
heat rising like boiling water
slow but we are here
nowhere else for us to be
we are right
we follow this path
this dirty authentic path
two natural beings leading us
this path for them is smooth normal family
for us it is a break from who we are
who we were
I watch as you kick up regret fear pain yet
you walk with power grace and anger
but not anger for where you are
but where you were
I keep to your back
the sun to the left
I hold our love
I hold it close and keep it
that was a moment
a moment of conquest
it was that time in Yelapa
that I knew I could follow you
through anything anywhere

Sitting in the moment

In this journey I am on I keep trying

I keep trying to sit in the moment

Like hearing a bird that I know is beautiful

But I can never seem to see it

It’s there I hear it again and again and yet

it’s not there it flies away gone from me

The flight attendant asks if I want something

What I want is to not be on this plane this seat

Wherever I am going I don’t want to be here

A criticism dumped on like mud by a friend

It covers me from head to toe with black

Dripping with hurt and burning me inside

In Yoga class everyone is doing a headstand

I am in child’s pose breathing like a pug

Fasting for three days and thinking why am I

Yet knowing all of this will pass it will

like hot water burns the skin tingles nerves

It will pass will end and will happen again

I sit with the moment the unwanted blanket

I tell myself feel it and react in a positive way

It’s so hard to not give in to not get frustrated

Life is feeling life is uncomfortable

life is choice and I could choose to

Tell the flight attendant thank you I am good

Tell my friend that I appreciate the mud

Tell myself try the headstand again breathe

Tell myself wanting less is living more for

When it’s uncomfortable it hurts the most

I remember it means I am alive in this world

That I have a place it is right here right now

RIGHT NOW is life whether it hurts or not

Mean Things

How does your heart feel

When you say mean things

Like an onion about to peel

Do you cry or do you sing

Is it easy to say those words

And also easy to forget

If your tongue is a sword

Use it for good and not regret

So many hurtful reactions

That bloom from mean things

Most of all your conscious

Guilt is a blackened ring

See you don’t just hurt one

You hurt us all together

It’s not just you it’s your sons

That bear this burden forever


The heat steams it’s way up the throat
A moment that becomes a complication
Your eyes turn red and you choke
The terrible feeling from a missed expectation
Left behind by a person that acted as a friend
Desperate lost and hurt by your emotion
Obsessed by thoughts that will not end
The terrible feeling from a missed expectation
There are those you love and those that love you
Interesting to see where you give your devotion
Blind to truth fooled again by the view
The terrible feeling from a missed expectation
Look for those that care if you are to fall
Not the ones that enjoy your destruction
The challenge is large but the bridge is small
The beautiful feeling from a missed expectation