Mean Things

How does your heart feel

When you say mean things

Like an onion about to peel

Do you cry or do you sing

Is it easy to say those words

And also easy to forget

If your tongue is a sword

Use it for good and not regret

So many hurtful reactions

That bloom from mean things

Most of all your conscious

Guilt is a blackened ring

See you don’t just hurt one

You hurt us all together

It’s not just you it’s your sons

That bear this burden forever

Edible Journey

An evening an experience an awakening

The sun set with a conversation of the senses

Grateful expressions of natural beginnings

Welcoming our journey to the present tense

Bare footed and dripping with green and red

Marrying the ground becoming one with land

Respect for the rocks and dirt that you tread

Surprised by the smells living in your hand

Edible art birthed and shared with new friends

Ceibo shared his light his passion our guide

Night drew close and we burrowed into end

Our nest surrounded by sound rest on our side

Thank you Ceibo

Thank you Friends

Thank you Mother Earth

The Struggle

Poem about drinking

Is it different or is it the same
Is it fun or is it a problem
Is it positive or is it a shame
Is it us or is it them

Lights glimmer and notes are played
Limbs are thrown and bodies shake
Glasses are emptied and often displayed
The night is welcomed but what’s at stake

The morning brings clouded memories
Feelings are lost and so are the pictures
What is remembered what are the stories
They fade into the distance like tremors

Guilted emotions and resentful thoughts
Days flood into night and time simply flees
What were we looking for what was sought
Are we just waiting like honey for bees

Is it different or is it the same
Is it fun or is it a problem
Is is positive or is it a shame
Is it us or is it them

No matter what the answer
It is always a struggle

I Remember

My Father
I Remember
It was never easy being his son
But I wish I could go back to that moment
Would I have said anything differently
Just a child would I have had the words
I never cared for his troubles only mine
Didn’t even know they existed
Would anger be all that I had to share
Could there have been a longer hug
I don’t know I don’t get a second chance
Swimming in that pool that night
The feeling of pure joy surrounded me
Like the water that was enveloping my body
So was the love I felt in my soul
See he had changed his approach
Maybe it was God or maybe it was just growth
I watched him in that moment be a great father
He was only getting started
As I climbed out of the pool there she was
A woman I don’t even remember her face
She drove me to the hospital and no one knew
No one knew but me that this was it
He was gone and he wasn’t coming back
And I hated him for it so much I hated him
The preacher said God needed him in his company
That was very difficult for me to believe
I needed him then and I need him today
27 years later I recall that last moment
The music the dancing those glasses on his face
And he spoke those words his final words to me
I love you son and I will always love you
As if he knew that would be his last moment
I miss you father and I know why I was so angry
I forgive you I forgive you I am sorry
You are with me and I know this to be true
Now if I am blessed with a child I will remember
I will remember the last message you gave me
Love no need to remember more

Hope for us

You are an immovable part of me

I make no mistake I have no doubt

We must live together in harmony

Or life will be a struggle endless bout

It is because of you

That I have strength and power

Why I can yearn for more

Harness that energy do not cower

Being with you is such a chore

It is because of me

That we haven’t combined our talents

Lack of confidence is our wall

As one we can keep these moments

It’s time now no need to stall

It is because of us that we can love