I still can’t seem to get right

I keep on with the furious fight

The breaking of my heart and soul

My mind split like uncared for soil

Waking each morning with hope

Only to have it crushed by the slope

So slippery and cold my thoughts fall

Begging for reprieve for it to stall

The circle of thoughts that are constant

My past is like a disease like a demon

That let’s me feel peace for short breaths

Only to return with great fury and depth

Nuanced drenched my thoughts will race

My actions are slow to keep a fast pace

Once I have shown who I am to the world

I go back to my thoughts and they unfurl

They bring me back to the reality of loss

Of moments taken by the sticky moss

That decays my daily chances of love

Where is my rainbow where is the dove

That will lead me out of this dark circle

And bring me to peace to the sweet temple

The temple of now of Buddha of suffering

Suffering as part of life and learning

Life both happiness and immense pain

If given the chance I would do it again

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