Dogs and Children

Strolling in a park in Michigan

With a dog and three children

Never has life been so simple

Like a living loving temple

I left a bit of my heart there

So that others might compare

Not in a competition or fight

But so they could see the light

There is nothing more special

Than seeing kids be helpful

Caring for a vulnerable animal

That love for them is rational

I think we should take a lesson

From the loving acts of children

They are the insight to our past

And truth that love will last

So take your dogs on a walk

Take them to a natural park

Bring your niece or nephew

Hold the moment hold the view

As we grow old and leave this place

Our life will come to the surface

Will you remember the bills you paid

And the fortunes you displayed

Or will the light beat the dark

As you remember that day in the park

One thought on “Dogs and Children

  1. Oh Ilove this. It stirred feelings& memories of so long ago experienced with my own little children& our dog. I can still hear the laughing& barking!

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